Garden Court Has Turned into Gossip Court, LOL

I guess we can call Garden Court a different name, Gossip Court, lol. No matter where I am, whether it be at Burbank Plaza or Garden Court, I am going to hear other tenants say how bad this place is, how happy they are, or so and so is moving out. I have heard it many times. I need to come and go from my apartment to appointments three times a week most of the time, and when I do, I wait for my ride outside, or sit by the maintenance door, or between the doors in the back parking lot. I do not have to talk to anyone if I chose to do so, and it usually is just a good morning or hello in passing as tenants go in and out from walking their dogs or having a cigarette or two at the smoking spot. Smoking is allowed out back on the sidewalk that is a good distance away from the building. I am not a smoker myself, but there are many tenants who do. 

When I leave my apartment, it is to go to my dialysis appointments three times a week, go to any doctor appointments that are scheduled, or to visit my friend DC on the first floor. I have no reason to sit in the lobby or community room to talk to other tenants. I do not wish to do so—really. My home is now Garden Court and not Burbank Plaza, and I moved here for good reasons some people may find not good enough. With Burbank Plaza having three floors of tenants and Garden Court having seven floors of tenants, no matter where I am in the community, I am going to hear rumors and tenants talking about other tenants. Rumors and such, I can brush off, but when tenants talk about other tenants, I cannot brush it off easily because I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have been hurt badly by some people in my past and I have done my share of hurting people as well and I do regret it, prayed for it, and moved on with my life with or without people. When I moved to Garden Court, I was making a new lease on life that I felt I had lost while living at Burbank Plaza. I was no longer happy there. I dreaded coming and going from that place, and when I left, I was fine for a while. Returning to Burbank Plaza, I dreaded it. It did not feel like home like it does at Garden Court. I know I have said it many times before. 

When I got home from dialysis Tuesday afternoon, I came home to rest and take it easy for personal and medical reasons. My caregiver, who usually does not come over on Tuesday after I get back from dialysis, she did so yesterday because she has plans for today at her house. She got laundry done by 6 PM. While she was coming and going from my apartment, she was telling me that there was so and so down in the lobby talking about the new office person and it was not genuinely nice. The person who I met when signing paperwork to move in had left and someone new was hired in her place has been here for a brief time. Give the girl a break for goodness sakes. Also, tenants have been saying that homeless people have been sleeping in the lobby, and outsiders are getting in because someone is letting them in. Ok, I get it, people talk, but when a description of someone I know and have known for a long time, I am shocked. My heart ached for a while then I moved on to other things that were more positive and rested. I did not lose sleep over it. I was already beating myself up about my dialysis treatment results over the weekend and upset about that until I spoke to the dietitian Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Treatment resumes this morning. 

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