Not Always A Typical Day

Summer Has Arrived 

Summer has indeed arrived in Wisconsin. It was already in the eighties by the time I left for dialysis treatment. Warm and muggy do not go well with me. I feel sluggish and yucky if out in the heat too long. Y Since I do not move very fast some days, I would prefer to be in where there is air conditioning. With my A/C running at home, getting home to enjoy the coolness of my living room pleases me more than being out in the heat and hot. After getting home and cooled off, the A/C was turned off and my oscillating fan was turned on. I got cold with the A/C running. Summer has arrived in Wisconsin without fail—heat and all. 

My Day Today 

With dialysis done and I am home after 12:15 PM, I had help getting to my apartment and was greeted by a black cat who was so happy to see me home. Also, my best friend JM was already here waiting for me to come home. JM comes over on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. She is off on Tuesdays, so she can be here as soon as I get home or meet me at my apartment. Because dialysis can make me feel weak for a little while, I do want I can for myself when I am home with no company, but today was not so bad. JM helped me make my lunch of chicken dino nuggets and a twice-baked potato. It was delicious and filling. Having chicken nuggets shapes that are dinosaurs this week has been fitting as I saw Jurassic World Dominion yesterday afternoon. I will get them again. They are very good and tasty. Before JM left for the afternoon, we watched an episode of Murder, She Wrote on the Roku channel together. Because I have watched all the episodes in the twelve seasons, I had to keep myself from saying anything about what happens on the show. After the show was over, JM left for the day, and I was alone with a black cat defending for myself the rest of the afternoon and evening. I watched more Murder, She Wrote, then began watching Matlock on Pluto. 

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