Good Morning From Wisconsin

Good morning from Wisconsin around 8 AM. I have an appointment at 10 AM with Dr. H regarding a power chair. I am looking forward to the appointment yet a little apprehensive as well. It is one of those days when feelings and emotions are mixed making a combination that is questionable, but I am dealing with it like a champ. So, for the next two hours, I am relaxing and watching Matlock until my caregiver JP arrives to be here for the appointment, then leave for two to three hours and come back to give me a bath and dressed for the rest of the day and tomorrow. As far as the weather is concerned, the highest being 93 degrees today, I am staying home where it is a little cooler. I have texted my dad’s wife SK about another birthday gift idea, and she replied with a thumbs-up. I want an air fryer another oscillating fan. I have one for my living room, but I need one for my bedroom because it gets warm in the bedroom all year round. Because it gets hot, I do not sleep in the bedroom like a normal person. I want to sleep in my bedroom again, though. I want to be a normal person again.  

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