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Although this is old news, I have been wondering what happened to everyone involved, and when I have time and wakefulness to do research, I am looking about online. This article is about what happened to Betty Gore’s home after her brutal and horrific death, and this article tells about it.

What happened to Betty Gore’s house in Texas where she died? | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The miniseries titled Candy has been watched four times now. The 1990 movie titled A Killing in a Small Town has been watched one time, and I am reading the book Evidence of Love that gives details of what happened on June 13, 1980, in Wylie, Texas. From the movie and miniseries, it does look like that Candy Montgomery did defend herself, but the idea of continuing to hack Betty Gore with an axe up to 41 times is horrible. I found it amazing in a shocking way, that Candy Montgomery got acquitted and spent little time in jail according to what I have read so far in the book. I have read up to chapter 22 out of twenty-seven chapters in the past two in a half weeks.

I know that Candy Montgomery, according to the 1990 movie and miniseries has brought the community to anger and confusion. Friends and family could not believe that Candy could do such a thing until one day she was hypnotized, and her past produced getting hurt and screaming it hurts because at age 4 she broke a jar and got cut on the forehead and remembering that while she was killing Betty Gore until she mutilated to death with an axe forty-one times. She should be in prison and not out free living her life with a new name. The idea of protecting herself and having the defense that was called self-defense surprised me. I must finish the book to the jest of the entire true story now, so I am not confused.

Evidence of Love (Book) 

I have been reading the book Evidence of Love for the past two weeks now. I am watching the miniseries starring Jessica Biel again to see the differences between the book and miniseries, and I want to admit that the book is very good compared to the miniseries. I am one person who does not like to make assumptions because it can bite me in the butt later in life, but the thought of the 40th anniversary of the murder in Wylie, Texas in 1980 has sparked producers to create a miniseries on Hulu. I was ten years old, living with my mom in Milton, Wisconsin and knew nothing about the murder at that age. Although living in Wisconsin for the past 42 years, I have seen the movie A Killing in a Small Town when it aired on TV throughout the years. Right now, I am reading chapter 22 out of twenty-seven chapters. It is kind of hard to put the book down and believe when I force myself to put the book down to get up and do what I need to do from time to time. 

Magic Paw Look-A-Like (not Magic)

In the mornings, most of the time, I am a little wild to mommy’s satisfaction. Today was one of those days I was not wild. Mommy says I have been pretty good today and I respected her caregiver better than days in the past, but I still showed a little that I wanted to play. I am a two-year-old cat now and dislike the word no, have issues with being picked up by some people and not with my Aunt JM. Grandma TB, and daddy KB. KB is mommy’s boyfriend. I let JP (caregiver) pick me up this morning when she walked in. I liked that. I got a few treats before not biting to be put down. Mommy is training me not to bite now. JP, too. My bites and scratching hurts mommy, and so I need to learn that is a no no. I was good today. 

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