Some News and a Dream I Cannot Forget For Some Reason

Robin Williams’ Autopsy Results Show Case of Lewy Body Dementia Was Unusually Severe ( 

It is hard to understand that years after Robin Williams death that I read about an illness that does make sense in my way of thinking. As human beings in perfect health or have illnesses ourselves, we may not always understand another person. We may never understand someone when it comes to the life of other people before their death like Robin Williams. Reading this article about Robin Williams health that was founded in 2013, months before his suicide, could have been mentioned sooner and years later. Why do I feel so annoyed? When I heard of Robin Williams death in 2014, my heart ached that we lost an iconic comedian and actor, yet my planet spun normally, I was saddened to hear one of my favorite actors pass away.  

VIDEO: Cincinnati Zoo’s newborn cheetah cub, Rozi, meets her puppy companion for the first time ( 

It is nice to see this. A cheetah having a companion to grow up with even though it is not a cheetah. 

Proud Service Labrador Retriever Shows Off Her Newborn Puppies and It’s So Sweet ( 

I have respect for companies who help the handicapped and the blind out in the world. This mama pup is proud of her babies. 

A teen was ticketed at school for a theft she says didn’t happen. Years later, she’s still fighting. ( 

Setting any of my prejudices aside one of them is of people of color or nationality differences. I have grown up in my family respecting others no matter what color or where they came from. This story amazes me that people would think this is because one’s color. Of course, the black and the white have been battling this for years, and I am sad and my heart aches. I do not care if a person is black or Chinese. Reading what happened to the graduate may not be fair and yet it happened. I have seen communication mishandled throughout my lifetime this far, but I am wanting to follow the story from this day forward. 

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