July 2, 2022 – Dialysis Update for Today (Saturday)

Throughout treatment today, my blood pressure was low from the beginning to the end, and I could not have any fluid taken off. The machine was only forced to clean my blood, and I got frustrated and wanted to cry. I was not a happy person whatsoever. I was taken off the machine fifteen minutes early, and my blood pressure was 98/49. I came home, took medication to raise my BP above 100/50, and ate two burritos from my freezer. Because of what happened today, I will keep an eye on my fluid intake. Tomorrow is my 52nd birthday, and I will enjoy my outing to Texas Roadhouse with my boyfriend KB and his mom, TB. If it was not for S, the technician (female) told me that I still need to enjoy my birthday tomorrow as she gave me ideas on what to do to have less fluid at lunch. Because I wanted to cry, I found S; the technician’s advice immensely helpful. I want an appetizer, too. It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I will have an enjoyable time. 

Hopefully, on Tuesday, Dr. A will make his rounds to his patients. Today’s experience could not be helped because my BP was low the entire time. At least my blood was cleaned. I could see that my come-in weight was—92.0, but my going-out weight would not compute. It would read 84.0 or 83.0. It should have read 92.0 kilograms because no fluid was taken out. S had to manually record it at 92.0 kilograms without a recording on the scale today. ‘Ugh!’ It was one of those off-days today for dialysis treatment. 

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