July 3, 2022 – My ‘Birthday’ Day

I was looking forward to a good dialysis treatment today, but it turned out that my blood pressure was low from the start to the end of treatment, so my blood was cleaned today. I wanted to cry, but I left with some hope that it would be a better Tuesday. I just must watch my fluids tomorrow and Monday, and when I return to dialysis treatment Tuesday morning, I hope and pray my blood pressure will not be low from the start to the end of treatment. Dialysis is the only issue I had today alongside low BP—the first time in a long time. It was very frustrating, but I got my blood cleaned at least. I hope Dr. A will make his rounds at the clinic on Tuesday morning. I am not very happy about what happened today, and I want to find a resolution to the problem. I know, I repeated. 

Today is almost over. Thank goodness! Today, being my birthday all day, I admit I was busy. I got up early to spend time with the Magic kitty, do some reading and journaling, like I am doing right now, and do a little reading. Because it was my birthday, my boyfriend KB and his mom came over, and we went to Texas Roadhouse, leaving an hour later with two boxes of food. KB had a salad that ended up going home with him, and what I ordered–partially eaten steak—baked potato and vegetables ended up coming home with me and eaten at suppertime. I ordered a cactus blossom for our appetizer and got filled eating most of it—it was that good. I should not have ordered it, but it was my birthday all day long—it still is until I go to sleep for the night. I am still up journaling my day. 

Because it was my birthday, I heard from friends and family on Facebook and messenger wishing me a happy birthday. As the posts came in, I thanked everyone personally for the wishes and continued with my day of getting through the day with happy thoughts. It was a good day despite the heat being in the high 80s. When KB, TB, and I left Texas Roadhouse, I was glad to get away from all the people who filed in shortly after we arrived. For the day being a Sunday and lunchtime, the place was packed fast by noon. What happens to me when they’re a lot of people in one room is all the voiced conversations overstimulate my senses, and I need to get out of there fast. This has been happening to me since April 2019, when I was in the hospital for several days because I was dialyzed as an inpatient for the first four days. Then I had issues with Ativan that kept me in the hospital for a few extra days. Being among friends with total strangers around me makes me feel nervous, and I want to get out of there. 

Now that my day ends, I will close shop for the night and come back tomorrow or later in the week. I am saying good night, and God bless. It is time for me to relax. 

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