I Needed to Get it Out Before it Ate Me Alive


I have been up since 5:30 AM. I did not get a lot of sleep, but I have to admit I got some. With yesterday being the 4th of July, as well as the thunderstorm we had, neighbors were shooting off fireworks all evening. Our city fireworks were cancelled because of the rain and will be for another day this month from what I was told. I do not go to the fireworks show anymore because I get my fill of the noise throughout the month. As the day continued into the evening, neighbors, even though I live downtown, were outside shooting off fireworks. I have to say that I have some remarkably interesting neighbors. Shooting off fireworks in the rain does not stop some people. I get it. 

When it comes to rainstorms with thunder, I do not sleep well because the lightning and thunder keep me awake and last night, we were having warnings of real bad weather around us and even our county and city. It was a rainy night. No matter the weather, Magic Kitty was watching the world outside, rain, thunder and lightning did not frighten him whatsoever. He got playful with my feet for only two seconds because he has some sharp teeth, LOL. 

Sleep did not happen until after 1 AM here last night. It was because of the storm and fireworks being shot off. Even after 1 AM, I heard neighbors outside talking. My living room and bedroom windows face the river, and the United Way building is across the street in front of the river—the west side of the building. Garden Court is not a square building and I have no idea what the shape really is, but it is definitely different. 

With yesterday being a holiday, my caregiver DH still came over. I had a bath, got into something comfortable with the idea of getting dressed this morning for dialysis. I had finished my tuna melt that I had Friday for lunch. I ate only half a sandwich Friday but polished it off at lunch. It was delicious. I thought it tasted better the second time around actually. DH did the dishes, checked Magic’s litter box, made sure he had plenty of food and water. He tends to tip his water dish over on the floor so his water dish is in the sink, and yes, he will sometimes do it on purpose, LOL. We chatted for a while and watched Diagnosis Murder and after 1 PM, she left for the day. 


I know I have not written about Magic in a while, but there was nothing new to share. That is not entirely true. I do have something new to share and I hope my doing so does not jinx my baby boy kitty into remarkably interesting behavior. With Magic, adopted October 4, 2020, and brought to his new home October 6, 2020, Magic has endured a lot in his first two years of life this far. Yes, he’s two now. Watching him grow up from five months to the present time, the past several days has been an immense joy. His behavior as a kitten is still there once in a while, but he has been good. He seems to take to DH very well. His wild days have been few to none. Has he matured? He is maturing—becoming an obedient cat. I have been praising him for doing something nice or good, we have been snuggling and cuddling a little more and longer. He does it on his time. The other day he cuddled with me three separate times of the day which I found very therapeutic and relaxing. In fact, I found it shocking at first because Magic is very independent and can be talkative when we usually have company. I love him so much and will continue to praise and (discipline when necessary). I even have decided to allow Magic to open the coat closet whenever he wants, too. 

Magic still sleeps on his bed in the bedroom. He will sleep on my bed every now and then as well as lay on the cat blanket that is on the floor by my bed. I do not force him to sit on my lap or be out in the living room with me because a cat needs its privacy just as much as us humans do daily. He is my fur baby and I love him very much. 

What Do I Expect Today? 

I am leaving my dialysis treatment today up to the technicians, nurses, and doctors today—along with in God’s hands. I hope that treatment does go better today, though. Saturday was a day of disappointment that the tears wanted to come, I wanted to cry. As far as the weather is concerned, we are expecting more storms this afternoon, and I pray that my neighbors will be safe for the day and night. With the storms last night, we were kept informed about how bad the weather was in our city and surrounding counties. It was a long night along with the fact that it was also a holiday. More another time—later today or in the week. 

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