Dialysis & Winter

With the winter season here in Wisconsin, I have to say that I have been impressed with the temperatures. Today it feels like winter for the first time this season. I did not miss dialysis today. I am at the clinic right now.

Dialysis is going smoothly since I have had my catheter replaced in October during my second hospitalization with a hematoma, blood infection from my catheter, and it was replaced six times by the time in October.

I have been home since a week before Thanksgiving and things haven’t changed much yet. I have a new doctor, I have seen my new CP specialist, I am getting a power chair, a new brace is coming up in the near future, and my arthritis seems to haunt me once in a while. Today it’s in my left arm. Ankles, and wrists, elbows, and shoulders. My knees have an ache from time to time.

with two hours and nine minutes left to dialyze, I am having a good treatment. The catheter is doing a great job today.

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