Okay, at this time, I am still not walking, but hopefully, with prayers and optimism, I have an appointment on February 6, 2023, four and a half days from now. I need to be appropriately fitted as my former leg brace stopped working correctly because I was hospitalized twice last year due to Covid, hematoma, and blood infection. I was not home for five months.

Right Now, Memory 

My bed is in the living room, and my caregivers use a Hoyer lift to get me into the wheelchair and downstairs to wait for my ride. The bed is for convenience at this time. It will be nice to get back on track and walk again. The last time I walked was July 18, 2022. I have missed five months of my cat Magic’s life while not home, and depression and anxiety practically hit the roof while I was at St. Elizabeth’s because certain employees told me I was not going home. My now-former doctor said I was not going home because I was not walking. I have tried to talk to the doctor about going home, but she was adamant about having twenty-four-hour care when the nurses in nursing homes need nurses and helpers. Sometimes while I was waiting for help with poopy underwear or I needed a boost, I would wait three hours for a nurse to come by—ridiculous and frustrating. At times, there was only one nurse at night, and she had twenty to thirty residents. Having only one nurse running around is not fair to the nurse, but sometimes it takes a lot to convince any other nurse to work with an incentive and plan.


With the here and now, I have been on my computer all afternoon and will be returning to relax shortly. It is after 8 PM, and I have dialysis tomorrow. I am going to sign off for now and come back tomorrow.

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