I got hooked up at 9:45 AM on the dialysis machine. The machine is cleaning and taking 2.4 kilos of fluid and toxins out of my body. I do not think that is horrible because I do watch my fluid intake as well as my salt. I watch what I eat. I love food, too, lol. Life on dialysis is not horrible, either. I understand that everyone I have met in the past 4 ½ years have different reasons why they have to be doing dialysis like me, everyone has walked the same path as me although their reason for kidney disease is different from my situation. Also, I had done peritoneal dialysis for three months from November 1987 through to March 1988 which was when I had my transplant. Dialysis this time around, thirty-one years after the transplant, my kidney had stopped functioning properly. My kidney does produce urine, but not enough to live with dialysis. I chose hemodialysis for my second time. Peritoneal dialysis in 1987 through to March 1988 had been a bumpy ride as I got sick three times with peritonitis two times and cellulitis once. No way would I go through that again.

I found a doctor, Dr. A, at Mercy West, in 2016 when I learned that my kidney was slowing down after sixteen years. We monitored my GFR and other lab counts together for these years and began dialysis in April 2019. What came along with my experience in the hospital was something I will not forget for a long time. I look back at some of my stay and laugh or chuckle about the experience. There are parts of the experience that we’re very scary and seemed real. That is a chapter of my life that yet needs to be shared. Who is interested in it?

As I Sit Here

With time under two hours for dialysis to do what is necessary for treatment, the dialysis machines in one large room continue to do what is necessary to have treatment. Dialysis is going smoothly for me, but my BP is running a little high today. Uugghh. I tho k I need to sit and be still for a while. I will write more later.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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