A Memorable Thought – Grandma & Emilee Cuddles

Today my grandma would have been 82 years old if she was alive and so today is definitely a memory of a fine woman my grandma was, and as a matter of fact, this whole month might end up being memories of my grandma. What is so unusual at this time is the fact that I looked at my cat Emilee Cuddles and a memory popped in front of my mind to write about. As Emilee sat there looking at me entering the bedroom, those green eyes reminded me of the days when she was brought into my life. My grandma loved cats and animals, but she had an allergies to cats and tolerated them for years while my mom grew up into adulthood. I remember taking Emilee over to see Grandma for the very first time since I brought her home from the animal shelter in my city, and Grandma’s eyes lit up and she smiled at me. I did not know at the time Grandma had some light strokes so she looked rather very depressed. For a while, when I visited my grandparents for the night or weekend, Emilee came along with me. At the time, as young as Emilee was, only a few months old, I remember watching Emilee watch over Grandma like a hawk every time Grandma moved or walked to her needed or wanted destination. Emilee would walk with Grandma without getting underfoot or in the way of Grandma’s unsteadiness. It looked amazingly wonderous and very professional. Emilee and Grandma became good friends even though Grandma was allergic to cats.

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