I Personally Think

I personally think that this is going to be a whole month of memories of my Grandma Fox so please bear with me. Not all the stories will be in the order they are meant to be and that’s okay, right? I also have two birthdays, other than my grandma’s to remember as well, and that is great. I even have an anniversary to remember – not mine..I’m not married and plans of marriage is still a ways away. I have an older brother and a neice who have birthdays this month, and my brother’s wedding anniversary is coming up real soon.

I personally think that this world is a fine world to live in despite the not so good stuff that happen along with the good sometimes. My grandma would not have it any other way. Because my grandpa is still alive and does have severe dimentia, I do wonder what he would be thinking if he was in his right mind. I do know, however, that Grandpa would want me to live up to the fullest of my abilities, talents, and knowledge of things in life itself. I personally think that there is a lot yet to be discovered both in the spiritual, mental, and physocal realms of life.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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