Goofy Weather and Those Viruses…

I may not be ill right now but I am definitely seeing people in front of me, behind me, and on both sides, get ill with colds and flu virues, and it is very depressing. We have definitely had some strange weather as far as the winter months hre concerned. We had a bad snowstorm this weekend but now the snow is definitely melting and I am beginning to see the dirt or green grass. The weather has been too warm for the snow to stick for very long. It is now the beginning of March and Spring will be here shortly – at least Soring Break for schoool will be less than two weeks away. St. Patrick’s is soon to arrive and Easter will be the last Sunday of the month. It is definitely strange weather this time of the year. I remember the days when I was growing up and had missed a lot of school days because I lived in the country and school days were cancelled quite often. Today, living in the city, I have seen very little missed school days because there were other ways to get to and from school – buses, parents, driving yourself (even though I have never drove), but there were a few days remembered that school was cancelled because of inclement weather. I did not like missing school that much when I reached the ninth grade. Today the weather is getting stranger and stranger and very unpredictable. I wonder what we are going to experience next… I listened to the weather today and we are expected to have rain, snow, and I even heard the word thunderstorm from the weatherman’s mouth…YIKES! What are we to expect next?

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