First Day of April – A Monday

Easter weekend/Sunday is now over and gone for another year and today school has resumed rather early. My friend, who brings me to school, was ready to leave before 8:30 a.m. which was somewhat a surprise to me but not really a big one. I have been enjoying coming to school here at BTC no matter what time it is I start. I did find waking up a little hard this moorning but I was able to get myself going and I am functioning and wishing that today was not a Monday really. I am here at school planning on not missing any classes as I did not miss a class yet this semester. School has been real good to me this first semester since I have been back to college even though this is a technical college I am attending. Today is definitely a Monday! LOL – AND THE FIRST DAY OF APRIL, April Fools Day. Nothing fooling about my day yet. thankfully.

Speaking of April Fool’s day, I have a wonderful memory of a panic, which was done on 4/1 when I was a teenager. My brother, who was a jerk pretty much at the time, pulled the “shortened the sheet” prank on me on April Fool’s Day. My friend B, a long time friend since the 2nd grade of grade school, and I ran into my bedroom and checked out the shortened sheet trick my brother played. As my friend B and I pulled the bed apart, later having to remake the bed, B realized that it was an April Fool’s trick and I was so disgusted with him as I thought this a horrible – not funny trick. I never pulled a trick on anyone on April Fool’s Day as I thought they were nest tricks out there and they can be hurtful or even harmful. Call me a kindhearted soul because that is who I am. That memory will never leave my mind – know on the back burner with many memories of other times as well. I will never forget the moment B and I came out of my bedroom and I confronted my brother G about it and it was not the prettiest picture – I was furious with him because he was sitting there smiling at ne because was foolish enough to believe him in doing such a nasty prank to his little sister who was such a kindhearted soul. My brother, not to me, has pulled other not so nice pranks with his friends and I will NEVER forget what he did to my sister-in-law, who was not my sister-in-law at the time of the prank. I don’t think or remember the time of year it was but I do believe it was not an April Fool’s joke or prank, but I remember my brother and his friend TC, decided to tie TC’s sister to a tree and leave her there for a long time screaming as she was tied to the tree and blindfolded. Believe me, T was very upset and wanted to “kill” her brother as well as mine. I did not think it was funny. Even to this day that memory, as horrible as it sounds, I still want to be on T’s side and get G back such a horrible thing. T and I just laugh about it today but we still end it with “that was a horrible thing he pulled and we are going to get him back for it”.

I think now, getting close to thirty-two years of age and my brother will be in his late thirties this October, he has grown out of his prank stage but he is still a little sneak at times. But now he is a father to three beautiful children and has matured a lot since his first daughter was born almost eleven years ago.

Well my friends, I have to run now. I wish I could wish you a Happy Aprill Fool’s Day but I don’t care for the April Fool’s idea anymore and I will not pull such a nasty trick on a living soul in thiis life of mine. April 1st is just another day of activity and school, and plans to rearrange my living room this afternoon after school. My friend M did not feel comfortable about coming over last night after Easter dinner with his family because of his back, which was fine with me, but we have made plans to rearrange my livingroom this afternoon before I “close up shop” for the evening, enjoying the new look of my place. I hope all my DD friends have a good day today. Good bye for now and I will see you all tomorrow – Tuesday – as I have things that will keep me from writing more later. Good bye.

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