My Day is Finally Over

My day is finally over. Had gone to school and went to my classes. Honestly, after Business Law, I thought I was going to be sick but I made it through the day just fine. After leaving the classroom after Business Law was over, I had taken a few minutes before going to my next class, and I was beginning to feel a little better and by the time class was over I was feeling just fine. Something about the Business Law classroom had caused me to feel a little icky and nausuated after smelling a strong odor after the instructor sprayed the board with a chemical to wipe away the marker writings she had written. Tomorrow is another school day but no classes, thank goodness. Tomorrow is a study day and lunch with my friend MP if she makes it to school tomorrow. I have a piece of pizza – a calzone from Pizza Hut called P’zone left over for tomorrows lunch. I am kind of broke to buy anything spectacular tomorrow for lunch. My day is over and I am ready for bed now. Good night. Honestly, plans of only writing in my journal today once, I have made a record (3x) of writing today and I have a feeling that this is the longest I have ever written in a fairly long time.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. Melange says:

    I have never played April Fool’s stunts on people either as I really do not see the humour in most of them. Sorry about the snow but one thing about it, it will be gone soon.

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