Sometimes Life Does Not Seem Fair, Does it?

Here I am. Now home from my four days from the farm with my dad and stepmom and sister. Today they drove back home to where they live in AR and I am now done traveling for the summer until school resumes in the Fall. I did have a great time up north on my Uncle and Aunt’s farm with my AR parents but it is great to be back home safe and sound and snug in your own place after a three week travel plan under your belt. Okay, what is coming up now may sem not always fair, but it did happen and I have been kind of sick about it ever since I have been home. While I visited with my parents, I shed some tears in a private area of the farm and my sister had learned all about those tears while we talked about them while our parents and Aunt and Uncle and cousin were still milking cows. My dad has not been happy about my weight as I am a little heavier than I was fourteen years ago. The worst is the fact that he is not happy with me not having a job yet. I told him that I was looking and I had school coming up and it yet did not please him one bit. He just got a little bit angier as I stood there trying to explain to him about my life and my happiness. He did not believe me that I was even trying on losing weight or finding a job. He told me that he would believe it if he saw it. My heart ached and yet it went cold Aat the same time. Here today, one day later after getting home from visiting with relatives and my AR parents, my heart still aches and my stomach still feels sick from being upset myself.

Before going on with that, at 2 a.m. in the morning of the new day Saturday coming in, I noticed that my toilet was about to overflow and when it got close to over flowing, the water would go down in a strange way and then hardly no water had come up from the flushing. I had called the maintance man of the building and I explained to him about the problem I was going to face if I used the toilet again and he said he will be right over. He had fallen back to sleep! At the time this was ALL happening, having him go back to sleep was not something I expected him to do. He had called at 4 a.m. something and told me he had fallen back to sleep and I apologized to him for even waking him up with a small emergency. At the time I called him, it seemed like a big emergency and I was not feeling well from being upset about my dad bringing up the weight and job I am now struggling with.

I can tell one thing about this whole entry. What I had written about does not all seem fair at the time it happened. I do care about my dad very much as he is looking out for me and he wants me to be successful in life like other family members of the Karnopp Clan (Klan) as we supposedly say.

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