Entry 2

My afternoon plans have changed almost drastically but I am still going out to dinner with a friend for Friday night fish fry. It is just not with my friend Mark. Okay dokey, I am here writing an entry to vent a bit but the venting did happen earlier when I spoke to my friend Mark. To be frankly honest with you, it was about my friend Mark that I was a little bit upset earlier. Speaking to him, Mark, about what was on my mind, helped a lot. Sometimes my friend Mark is such a stinker. I won’t say jerk because he is not a jerk all the time. I do not always understand him when it comes to his cell phone. At times, when we talk, his phone cuts us off. I know that cell phones get cut off depending on the area you are at, but sometimes his phone acts like it is underwater a lot, and that he is muffled and you can not hear him. It drives me nuts. I am glad that my friend Mark and I get along most of the time. I just had it with Mark’s phone that I just finally left a message to either get his phone fixed or he needs to start working out his issues in his counseling sessions with his counselor. It so happens that we have the same counselor, Yay. He seemed to understand my tone of voice being of a chew out and he is glad that I have pointed something out to him and using a firm voice at times brings him back to reality. Well, he said that he was going to have his cell phone looked at this weekend and I do believe that he is going to do that. Also, I told him that his outgoing message is a bit too long and that he might want to change the length of the message because a lot of people do hang up before they have an opportunity because a lot of people do not like lengthy messages. I also told Mark that I call his cell phone just to listen to the message to hear his voice and then hang up. Something about his voice calms me down when I feel a little bit on edge. What an afternoon so far, huh? I must be on a hormone change ordeal once again really. I always get this way when my hormones get off a bit…even the slightest edge. What a life. Being a woman is not easy and so those guys out there better not think that a woman’s life is easy. Life as a woman? No plans of changing my sex because God created me the way I am.

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