My Day Has Ended

I had a GREAT day and now it has ended! :(…but another day is yet to come in a short time. 🙂 and I can not pass it up. I think the “I Love You” sign made my adoptive mom has a reason behind my GREAT day as well as God is here with me as well. Here it is 10 p.m. now and I am wide awake and ready to have a party but my bed is ready to have me sleeoing snug as a bug so I can live another great day tomorrow. It has been unusually quiet here today except for Emilee’s owling of displeasure about something earlier today but I think now she has calmed down, YEAH! She sounded like she was dying that silly cat of mine! Otherwise she was very good all day long. My day has ended and it is time to get snug as a bug in bed now. I should be able to write in my journal tomorrow but I am not sure when I will be as far as time. I have already written so much today and I am ALL talked out this night. Good night gang! See ya tomorrow.

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Ahh yes school, fun fun!

    I love you is worht a thousand smiles, but smiles are pricless when given for I love you, so is I lvoe you worth anything or nothing. But ahhh yes I love you is what makes someone’s day whether they like it or not. But a smile is yet a smile, but didnt you know smiles are contagious!!



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