My Thoughts For The Day 9/9/02

Today was a school day but I came home right after class this morning. Just this Monday I really hated my day but school was just fine. Having algebra this morning really made my Monday (day) worth while to see. I am just a wee bit cranky and feeling a little witchy this day. In fact, I felt witchy all weekend since Saturday morning when my period, that dratted thing, started. I just hate this Monday even though school was just fine. Do I make any sense of this at all? LOL

Today, a few minutes before I took the bus home from school, a gentleman was selling red, white, and blue ribbons with flag pins for the September 11, 2001-2002 year anniversary. I bought two ribbons for myself and my adoptive mom. She really enjoyed the little gift. The anniversary of 9/11 is a day and a half away and yet hat has happened is still be talked about andfeelings are still very new and fresh for many people. I still can not get over what happened either if I really think about it. Tonight the A&E channel will be airing a special on either Investigative Reports I believe (I forgot what program, LOL, about the 9/11 attack on America. I do have to admit that I have seen so many changes in myself, people, and the US altogether. I have this question come in on my mind now and then, how long are we going to be united?

We are expectinig a storm to come our way shortly and so I thought I would get on line for a while before it really hit to see what I had for e-mail and quickly write my thoughts. So far the weather has been good and with the expected storm, I can see why we are having unstable weather condiitons. I think it was to reach over 90 degrees today and the heat is unbearable – very unbearable, LOL It got real humid today. YUCK!

Well, I think I ought to be going for now. It is getting time for the news to be on and I want to shut down my computer before it got real bad outdoors and I am kind of tired. I have been up since 6:30 a.m. this morning and it will be 11 hours since I have been up in a few minutes. “YAWN” I did take a little nap this afternoon which was NOT intended really and I am still kind of tired and dragging my feet a wee bit. (I am not Irish…I am German)

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