Combining Journals

I thought I would combine my thoughts of school, stories, and Christian entries into one place. I am finding myself unable to keep up with more than one journal, LOL The journal has a title to what I am taking about in each entry so why not. Sometimes I find myself just wanting to ramble and talkk nothing but that is okay, too. When Velvetdazzle fixed up my journal here, I have found that the new look really fit all the journals I have been trying to keep up with outside this one. Why not combine my Christian thoughts and prayers, my stories which are based on experiences anyway, and my days at school as a student in college? The “new” look os just perfect and then I could keep up with each thought and everything will be in one place. At my story journal anyway, I was thinking of changing the outlook of those pages anyway, but I have not had the time or wants to do it because I am tired every evening when I get home from school. Anyway, the “cat” background is not right for it anyway, LOL This background look is just perfect and right, and then everything is in one spot. YEAH.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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