90 Degrees!!!

Ever since the heat has been turned on for the tenants, I was wondering why I was being roasted out of my own apartment with the heat rising two stories into my place. I was not thinking that it my mechanical error of having the heat on so high. Yesterday I had asked the onsite manager to come int9 my place and feel the horrible heat in my apartment. It was right when I opened the door I could feel the horrible heat hit my body. It was hot! The manager of the building looked at my thermostat and found it all the way to the right at 90 degrees, and here I thought it was turned off, Since yesterday afternoon about 2 p.m., I have had a comfortable apartment. It is actually cooler now and the temperature is at the 60 degree mark after the manager turned it way down and right now the official reading is at 70 degrees. It is comfortable anyway. I will never do that again! That was totally embarrassing, LOL

Author: ksmiley

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