LOL – A Boring Day

The sun did not shine at all today so my place seemed a little darker tha usual during the day hours of time. Now with the daylight’s savings time in affect, daylight ends about 4:30 p.m. – 5 p.m. noow and so daylight was never really seen as far as sunshine is concerned. To be very honest with you, I had a boring day today. I have been in my pajamas all day long – even after taking my bath, I got back in my pajamas and then went over to my neighbor’s place to check on his cat Floyd while he is gone for the weekend, which is practically over now anyway. School resumes after a two day weekend tomorrow, YEAH! Boredom is soon to disappear, YES! I feel bored even though I took advantage of my lazy day and stayed in my pajamas all day long, took a bath in the early afternoon, took care of my neighbor’s cat yesterday and today, and watched television, and took a little nape in the late morning of the day. How lazy is that? LOL Still I had a boring day, I think. Maybe the sunlight, the lack of it, caused me to feel a little bit down today. NOW I WISH THAT I DID NOT CALL MY FRIEND MARK TO NOT GET TOGOETHER WITH ME TODAY! HOW DUMB THAT WAS! With Mark, I would have gotten out my apartment even for a few minutes. At least I am laughing about it right now and enjoying my television watching of Sister, Sister, and other Disney programs and television shows on other channels. Tonight at 8 p.m., I am going to watch City Confidential on A&E and see what the program is all about. All I know is the fact that there is a story that is similiar to the horror flick about the house in a town called Aminyville (SP?). I am wondering if the horror flick was based on a true stoory after such happened or something happened after the fact that the movie aired the first time. That kind of scares me to find out and yet I want to find out. Do you know what I mean? i am not sure if I know what I mean. Maybe that it is why I had such a boring day to some degree because I have been anticipating the program since last night. I am a little bit anxious I guess. I do know that I am not writing a boring entry now, LOL

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