Wishing Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I would like to wish all my DD friends a Happy Thanksgiving Day! Not much is going on right now except a turkey is in the oven getting cooked up for the rest of the weekend and I have a cheese cake in the fridge chilling. A friend of mine is going to come up after the Salvation Army delievers our food between 12 – 1 p.m. this afternoon as we arre not going anywhere for Thanksgiving this year. The turkey in the oven is for Sabbath and the rest of the weekend as it is not being cooked for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Been Higher Than a Kite, LOL

I have to laugh because I was higher than a kite all day long yesterday until fairly late. In fact, I was lucky to fall asleep before midnight last night. I was so happy that I was excited about two wonderful things that happened to me. I had gotten an used desk for a reasonable price from a neighbor who no longer has his computer, and then, saving the bst for last, I got a card from my brother and his family including a faamily picture and school pics of the kids. Then, my mind brewing on having Thanksgiving Day with my friend Richard, ws on my mind all day long and night. I was higher than a kite and I did not eat or drink anything, or even take any medication that would have caused me to be so happy or higher than a kite. LOL


Today being Thanksgiving Day, the sun is out today and the air crisp and chilled but not a cold brisk that makes me what to close the window right now. It is beautiful out for Thanksgiving. God has MADE this day a beautiful day for such a holiday.

Correction on Pagan Holidays

I have learned a couple of days ago that Thanksgiving is one holiday that is not pagan. People might disagree with me and that’s ok. Easter, Christmas, Halloween are pagan holidays. I do know that Thanksgiving was created when the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock and the indians on that land helped the pilgrims settle and Thanksgiving came from that time period. HERE I THOUGHT THAT THANKSGIVING WAS A PAGAN HOLIDAY! Sorry for the error.



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