New Year’s Eve Thoughts

My thoughts are not on New Year’s parties or staying up late until midnight to see the New Year roll in. I am not going to have a houseful of guests this year. I am having dinner with my friend Richard shortly and then pizza with my friend Catie later this evening…if I am still hungry. the roast in the crock pot smells yummy and delicious! I can not wait until Richard gets up here to eat with me. I think, after dinner, if Richard does not mind, I am going to have some time to myself before Catie comes up so I can unwind somewhat. After yesterday’s feelings of anxiety, I just need some breathing room before I get bombarded with a whole lot of questions and words from Catie. I am not really, truly, in the mood to have a whole lot of company period today. I felt, after yesterday’s fiasco, I was spreading myself thin and tempermental today!!!! More later!!!

Author: ksmiley

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