Party’s Over Now

My company (Catie) has gone home. I just could not stay up until midnight to see the 2003 year come in this New Year’s Eve. According to the clock, New Year 2003 will be here in 2 hrs and 15 minutes. If I do stay up until midnight, it will be in private and with no one around. I still feel I had a trying day all day long! Now the party’s over and I can now have time for myself, which I did not have a whole lot of this day. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SCHOOL STARTS UP AGAIN BECAUSE I WILL BE AWAY FROM HERE EXCEPT ON THE WEEKENDS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. The party’s over and I somewhat feel like a party pooper, but I really need time for myself right now. Thank goodness I have time for myself now. I am beginning to feel my breathing is coming back to normal. WHAT A DAY, HONEsTLY! Thank Goodness the party is OVER!!!

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