Memories Galore!

Whenever I have a chance I write in my journal I have made of my Grandpa Clarence. It is not a lot at the moment but I have a total of 46 memories so far of what I remember of my grandfather- grandma uincluded of course. As I was sitting and relaxing in the tub I was remembering one of those memories. My Grandpa Clarence used to call me “peanuts” from the “peanuts” gang that Charles Shultz created. I hated it with a passion that he would call me that nickname but it did grow on me after all these years. I wonder why, today, whuy I did not like being called “peanuts”. I wish tbat Grandpa Clarence would call me that one last time. I do miss that as well as missing my Grandpa Clarence.

Author: ksmiley

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    At least now you know that stuff works and that it’ll put you to sleep and stuff! Hope that you continue to feel better and get more sleep and get back into a normal pattern again!


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