For Some Reason

Tonight I do not feel like socializing much in writing. I have been feeling real strange all week now – this far – as my nervousness seems to finally dwindlle down from the past two weeks. I can not quite explain my feelings right now. I am, however, feeling better today. I have to do my first speech in Oral Communications on Friday and I am excited about getting it done and out of the way. Nervousness is playing a part as well so do not let me fool you. I have asked several friends if they wanted to do my speech for me, and all of them declined or said no way. Of the speeches I have heard so far, were very good. Just for some reason I do not feeling like writing a lot today…is that normal? I have been down emotionally long enough and I am the way to mend. I did not want to even turn on my computer on this evening but I got the urge at the last second of thinking about it so here I am. Just for some reason I want to do nothing but just ramble on and on with nothing in general. I am now on Prozac and that will take 8 weeks or so to start working at its full potential. I hope it works as being depressed is no fun whatsoever. Last Wednesday on through Monday we had rain and cloudiness that practically drove me bananas. Tuesday and Wednesday have been better. I am so prone to changes and moods. Even my ankles did not swell up that much today while I was at school. My blood pressure is doing fine at this time, yeah! I talked to my doctor today and I can check my blood pressure once a day now, yeah! When I went to the doctor to talk to her about my anxiety and depression, my BP was 150/100 but when I got home and relaxed, my BP was below 140 on the top and below 100 on the bottom. It was 111/76 this morning and 105/76 earlier this afternoon after a little rest. Yesterday afternoon, however, was a different story. My blood pressure was 92/67! That is low for me but fine. At least I am fine and on top of things. I will be seeing my doctor again two weeks from yesterday (Tuesday). How fun that will be! It will be ok anyway. The doctor(s) and I are staying on top of things and that is very important in order to stay healthy. For some reason I wrote more than I expected! Oh well, that’s ok, too. I think I am going to go for now. Bye…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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