I got on line again just now. I am getting readu for test number four for Oral Communications this Friday. The last test, yes! One more week of school, too. What am I going to do for the summer vacation while I am not in school? Travel…and stay away from people I guess. I am sick and tired of whhat is going on here where I live so staying away from other tenants except for a few trustworthy ones and names are out of the question. Tenants are acting like children around here and it’s horrible. Life is not always sweet. What really hurts is the heartache I have been having since one of my friends hasn’t called me and I have learned that she is avoiding me because I am involved with a cult which is not true. Seventh-day Adventists are NOT cults, I can reassure you. If this friend wants to believe certain things from people who say are her friends and truly aren’t, then there is no more friendship left. My friend has not called me for two weeks now and thatreally hurts. There is no friendship left! All i can do is pray for her and those troublemakers right along with it.

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