A Change Is Going To Be Made — A Warning!

There is one person who knows exactly who I am talking to today (12/31/03) in regards to what I am going to express right now.

Those of you I know, leave kind and considerate commments, and I appreciate that greatly. Please continue to do so along the way. So what I am about to write next has nothing to do with the select few who are reading my journal on a regular basis. What I am about to express should be clear.


A change has to be made once more. The look of the diary will stay the same, but there is one change I am going to make for the start of the year 2004. Something did happen today here at Dear Diary that did make this decision possible.

I am a young Christian who feels she has the right to write whatever she feels is appropriate. I do not use profanity in my journal entries and I will not tolerate profanity in my comments section of my journal for reason that I find it offensive and very demeaning. I have my select few I visit on a regular basis, and every now and then I run into a diary that I find apalling or worth not reading but that is very seldom. I have also made friends here and keep in touch with them via e-mail on a regular basis or occasionally. I even chat with a few. I know those diarists I am talking about right now do not leave foul language in my comments section of my journal as they know it does not appeal to me and I find it offensive. I have to give a thank you to those diarists. Thank you!

I am, like I said before, a Christian womanm and want to be kind to other people. I do have a problem with unkindness from others. My religion and my beliefs is no one’s business except for those I have wanted to know who I am as far as my religion is concerned. I will NOT TOLERATE foul language from a diarist who leaves a comment or I will ban them from writing at my diary from that day forward. I had to do it with someone, a diarist today, because he/she used foul language and put my Christian attitude down. I have the RIGHT to write whatever I want and I ask those who find my diary entries offensive or funny, your comments are not welcome here whatsoever or you will be banned if I have been offended in regards to my religion and beliefs. THIS BEGINS RIGHT NOW!

Author: ksmiley

As a diarist and blogger, please bear with me as I continue to upgrade my blog as time moves forward. Thank you.

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  1. It is nice to have come to know you this year. Thank you for the good wishes. I return them to you. I do pray that you will find the right situation this evening and tomorrow that makes you feel happy and uplifted.

    I remember the words of the prophet in expressing how God reacts to his people’s sorrows. "In all their afflictions he was afflicted, and the Angel of his presence saved them." I pray you come to know Christ more fully in your life and that you enjoy his unspeakable peace and joy.

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