A New Year Thought

I can not believe that 2004 has arrived and so quickly! Yesterday, going to a friend’s house for the afternoon before the New Year’s Party was fine but there was so much to drink in with the people around me. I did not finish seeing the New Year come in with my friends. I went home before midnight because I was so tired, but I did see New Year come in at home alone with Emilee Cuddles. I did get two calls by midnight from people wishing me a happy New Year. After the two calls, I fell right to sleep on the couch in the living room. I remember waking up several times during the night wondering what time it was because I was anxious about something. I am watching the 7th Heaven Marathon on the Family Channel today. Today is a day of laziness and no action. Emilee and I are going to do our own thing today. In fact, I have not seen her yet. Emilee is a very independent cat these days.

As I look at the new year of 2004, I do not know how much I will be writing in any of my journals here at Dear Diary but I am going to do my best to write daily. I do know that there are days I will not be able to because I will not be home to work on my computer, studying and doing homework, and illnesses. I have been here at Dear Diary for a long time and I am still glad to be here.

As long as I have been here, I have made friends and enemies alike. I have read some real good entries and gotten to know the diarist’s who wrote them, and I have read some very interesting entries as well that took my breath away since I started here. No matter what I have run across here, I have always been glad to be here and I am still going to be here for as long as I am around.

As I sit and I think of the past year that just left us, I think of the growth I have made as well as the choices I made that were not so wise. That is why yesterday I expressed my feelings about specific comments being left after I finish writing my entries for the day if applicable. I have been through a lot of things here and I did not appreciate people and their unkindness and rudeness since I did not do anything to anyone. I have a dear friend of mine who lives downtown from here and we have set aside our differences after five to six or more years and became exceptional friends a year ago from this month. I feel that my life, unless shared here, is no one’s business, and I have people who know who I am through my writings in my journal. I am one person who feels she is kind to people and then she is treated unkindly back and that does break my heart. That is why I always say I wish people could just get along with everyone else and settle their differences between them and all be happy people. Where I live, as I have said many times before in times of venting, that I live in an apartment complex with people who know how to pay attention to other people’s business and should get paid for it. That makes me so sick to my stomach. I am so glad that it is January 1, 2004 today and 2004 has arrived. I will NOT put up with no one’s unkindness and rudeness again here. My life is mine and mine to be shared with others I wish to share with. That is another reason why I was so upset yesterday.

Well, I have to go and write an e-mail to a good on line friend before my day escaes me and I forget. I will write later in the day when I have time.

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