Start Of My Day 1

My day is in the works now. I am debating on soaking in the tub or taking a quick shower right now, lol. A shower would feel good right now and a soak would be just as good. I am, as a decision has been made, going to take a shower this morning. Rick will be here sometime today but I do not know yet what we are going to do as we did not spend any time together yesterday whatsoever except talking on the phone. I had called him around dinner time and he did not answer the phone then so my idea for supper was out of the question. Anyway, a long time friend came over and we watched a movie and played Rummy 500 where I got beat by 225 points, LOL. I had awakened before 9 a.m. in hopes to watching Murder, She Wrote on A&E but learned of the Cold Case Files marathon. That is just as good as I have missed a lot of their shows in the past six months. My TV watching has gotten pretty high lately and my TV is on all night long as I sleep in front of it in the livingroom on the futon/couch. I am having a fairly good start of my day, YEAH!

Well… I need to go for the time being and hop in the shower and get cleaned up. I let myself go long enough and Rick will be coming over sometime today to have something to eat with me delivered to my home. It is fairly quiet right now around me in the building and I am going to take advantage of it for a while. I need to go for now before this internet drives me to hours of fun and surfing and NOTHING gets done.

To Be Cont’d

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