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It is a cold world outside…good place inside right now. Here I am, sitting at my desk on the computer sitting in a chair from the kitchen table. I went to go on my computer this afternoon when I noticed that the desk chair was preoccupied by Emilee Cuddles sleeping. Now, with a cleaner apartment, I have decidied not to take her warm place from her and allow her to continue laying in the chair so I pulled it back a bit and got one of my four kitchen table chairs and sit down at the computer. I really like the chair here because it is higher and itis more easier to type. The only reason I do not like the chair being here is the fact it does not have wheels to roll back if I want to get away from the desk. That is the bummer part of it. I like the chair, though. Yet not a permanent fixture at the computer desk.

It is kind of quiet around here today. I have barely heard neighbors coming and going here today. Everyone must be staying in where it is warm tonight. I heard that it is icy out underneath the newly fallen snow. I am so glad that I am on a four day weekend from school and not working at Daylight Donuts anymore. I do not think that I would survive another cold day outside as I did yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, my friend Kelly and I went and did our Christmas shoppiing together along with my boyfriend Rick and our good friend Chad. After shopping, we went to a Chinese restuarant to have dinner with three other friends who later joined us at the restuarant at noon. Despite the cold, we had our fun. Oh yeah, I forgot that I spent the night at Kelly and Jimmy’s place so we could have our time together, and later that night I almost went home because of conflict between Kelly and Jimmy, but soon it was founded that something not so nice happened to Jimmy that night at a friend’s house so it turned out to be a good night after all.

I have nothing more to say right now I am going to try to write more later. I want to go play gin for a while.

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Ya, I heard its been cold. Back in home in Maine it has been -25 below zero in the morning and only getting up to -10 below zero by afternoon. Here in colorado its been in the 50’s-60’s its nice.

    Anyway, I’m shutting down my diary.


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