A Moment of Thought

At the moment of thought I do not want the phone to ring or have company over at all today. I feel moody and want to have time to myself entirely. I want to be in my own little world of study and quietness. I know, unless it does not happen today, that I will be expecting some calls today but I am going to be selective and answer to the calls I want. I am in one of my moods as well not to answer all the calls from my boyfriend too. I have no idea what I feel like from one minute to the next. Most of the time I want to be left alone. My apartment door is locked so no one can just walk in right now so safety is here. Despite the cold weather outdoors, the sun is warm and bright, and my blinds are opened and up in the living room to let the natural sunlight in. Emilee is somewhere in the house napping. Do I really want to be online for hours today? Nope but I have a feeling I am going to be just to pass time that can be allotted for better things such as studying Psychology or Sociology or both! I am having one of those days right now once again. Company is not welcome for some reason. I want to have time for myself. Right now I am watching the dumbest movie which is called 3 O’clock High which is a comedy. It is dumb and yet stupid. LOL

I will write more later as the day passes into afternoon or evening.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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