A Spinning World

It seems that my world is spinning today. Everything is going fast and furious to the point that I will be grateful to see 1 p.m. come and I can go home from school. I feel weird today. My hormones must be going back to normal. I am here trying to live my life the way I see fit and it is going to go as planned the best it can. I am going to try to forget about Rick and his stupid ways of immaturity and live my life in the safest way possible. I do not want to be harmed in any physical manner so staying away from Rick is the best thing to do. Forget the people who are not my friends and live my life the way I see it. Rick is nothing but a man of needs and immaturity and most importantly needs help but may be denying it. All the entire time I have gone out with him he was giving me a lot of lip service and stories that could have been the truth or lies or even both truth and lies. Anyway I have a test to take in a few minutes for my Sociology class and I have nothing to really worry about. I am beginning to feel better about things regarding Rick and my breaking it off. I just wish he would feel the same way but I do not see that happening right now with his attitude being kind of stinky right now. LOL What a world! It is spinning madly for me. I do not like it when I go back and forth from this relationship gone bad to myself on a constant basis. It is annoying and somewhat confusing to my friends because they do not know what to expect as far as emotion and mood goes at my end of the bargain. Definitely a spinning world! MORE LATER when I get home.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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