One last Entry of The Night

It is getting late and I am getting tired. Usually 8:12 is not late for me but lately it has been. I have been sleeping good the past three nights. Yesterday starting out the month of April on good terms, today was a good day too, but I did not do much of anything I had planned to do like get a hold of the on-site manager to tell her about the IOU I owe her for a cabinet I had bought from her last month but before I knew it, time escaped me and it was time for the manager to be out of the office until Monday morning, and I will be back at school that day after a three day weekend. I had also planned on cleaning my kitchen: dishes and kitchen table but instead I laid around and napped all day long AGAIN! I HATE THAT! It has been a very quiet day for me, YES! I am going to go for the night now that I am ALL caught up here and everywhere ellse in here for the night.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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