An Evening of Thought

It is 10 p.m. and it is yet 9 p.m. in my mind and body! It is amazing what DST does to one’s body sometimes! I am not even tired and again it is because I slept on and off all day long when I promised myself I was not going to do just that. I broke my own promise and my Grandma Fox told me never to keep promises I can not keep because someone will get hurt. No one got hurt in this promise but it is definitely a careful thought to keep in mind at other times when friends and family are involved.

Here I Go Again!

Yesterday was the first time I have ever written about my ex-boyfriend in a long time and tonight is another night of thought regarding him. I had read an entry of a young girl who has been hurt by love that she is not ready to love again when someone loves her very much. Just reading her entry on not wanting to love right now has brought back the old memories of my relationship with Rick. The relationship was fine at the beginning but after realizing something about him just had me stay away from hiim and break it off with him. Yes, I did love him, but something drove my love away from him and the relationship altogether. As I read this young girl’s entry tonight I realize that my world of loving someone of the opposite sex outside of friendship is not my want right now either. Loving Rick hurt me enough after I broke it off with him in January. Even four months after the break up, here I am still off and on haunted by him and for some reason he will not leave me alone. Here I am letting this whole mess get to me again! Here I go again!

Saying Good Night

It is after 10 p.m. now and I have school tomorrow. Only one class! I have a busy afternoon.

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4 thoughts on “An Evening of Thought”

  1. You make me want to go and read some psychology. I love that subject. When I left college I had only gotten my appetite stirred for it. Since then I have not read much on the subject although it continues to fascinate me. I would love to hear your opinions as a Christian about what you are taught in modern psychology.

    God bless you with your studies.

  2. I have added you to my friends list. Sorry it took me so long. I live in an older neighborhood, so most of my neighbors are old. I liked the area because of the tree lined streets, the architecture, and everybody takes such pride in their homes and yards.But, there are a few that keep poking there noses where they don’t belong.

  3. Thanks for the comments on my diary theme. I had fun putting it together.

    As for your ex-boyfriend, and the time that has passed. It has been almost 15 years since I broke up with my high-school boyfriend. I have been married now for almost 10. Yet I still think about my ex.

    The thing is, you don’t forget the love that was there, and that makes it all the harder to forget the hurt. I can’t promise you will forget him or the hurt. But I can promise that in time, it won’t be quite so painful to remember.


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