12:51 a.m.

It is late, yes, but I am now home and in my own space and place. I am now on line now because I haven’t been on line since Thursday afternoon when I was home. Spending the night Friday night at Kelly’s disrupts my online time but it is worth every minute at Kelly’s that’s for sure.

Last night, while i was laying in bed trying to get to sleep after 11 p.m., I thought about the days I began writing a book called the Abbey Korry Mysteries. I have, strangely enough, seriously thought about getting to writing again a story starting Abbey Korry as my character. After reading one of my books written by Mary Higgins Clark, I thought that will help me pass some of my summertime days while waiting for company to come from New Mexico at the end of July and possible see my parents in AR here as well. The hardest thing about me being a “writer” is the fact of time and needing to have privacy without interruptions whatsoever. Maybe after retiring to bed, which should have been hours ago along with Kelly and Jimmy even though we are in our own places now did some time ago. How long have I been on line so far today? Let me quickly look…Only an hour so far today after a two hour stretch last night. Oh well. I think I am going to sign off for the night and go to bed. Emilee and I are together once again so she is waiting patiently for me to go to bed. Godd night all!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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