My Evening

I had another quiet-like day at home. I felt tired when I woke up at 9:30 a.m. In fact, when I ihad awakened, I forgot if I took my medication so I called my kidney transplant coordinator and decided I was dowbtful about taking my meds and did not do it. I will take them tomorrow morning for sure. I have to call and get a refill on my Celexa soon. I am running low now that I am on two doses a day now instead of one. I did feel less tired today and was able to stay awake with caffeine in my system anyway. LOL Yes, I am drinking a regular Pepsi today. Another thing too, I did not stay home all day long either. I ran an errand to the manager’s office to return something I had borrowed from the manager at the beginning of the month – an six plug outlit. I grabbed a couple of Pepsi’s from the pop machine and talked to one of the tenants who was checking her mail in her mailbox. I did not visit any tenant apartments at all today except for Nellie Mom’s while picking up some newspapers already read. I have been in a good mood all day. Oh yeah, I forgoot that I have been reading some of Mary Higgins Clark book, A Cry in the Night as well. I am now on chapter 16 of 39 chapters. After I get done reading this book, I think I will read one of a couple of John Grisham books. I have Runaway Jury and Rainmaker, but I am not going to worry about it right now since I am in Mary Higgins Clark book yet. That is what my evening has been all about today.

Kelly’s Phone Call at 8:15 p.m.
Kelly had called me today to tell me something that bothered my friend’s Chad, Janessa, and Bea a lot lately. It is not that they hate me or anything but I have been calling Kelly a lot and not the rest of my friends. Oops, I did not realize that I was doing such but now that my eyes have been opened, I understand the emotional pain my friends feel inside that is not noticable by the eye at the moment. Anyway, after tonight, things will have to change in my phone calling. I NEED to include my other friends as well. Shame on me, and no I do not think it is a funny matter. It was something I needed to know.

More later…

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  1. GoingUnder20 says:


    Its nice when things are quiet and you intend them to. Glad things are going well for you. I kow how boredom feels though when you dont have a job and theres not much to do around the house.

    Ugh I hate when I fall. One, because it hurts and two because its embaressing. Then you have to live with a bruise from the fall for a few days,lol. Hope shes alright.

    Well, glad your day went well. Have a great weekend.


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