The Feeling Inside Myself

I have a feeling that something is not right. It has nothing to do with my friends at Garden Court at all but it does relate to something. Maybe it is a feeling that my fearful heart conjured up because of what happened this morning and afternoon. My phone rang once and then there was no more rings, and my caller ID had the words “no data” across the screen. That freaked me out, and then my friend Kelly did not sound like herself this afternoon when she called either. She seemed upset about something and part of what she told me was that a friend of ours had upset her and another friend of ours, and then a friend, who is to spend the night had left her after two hours of togetherness, and now Kelly does not want this friend spending the night. Plans me change. Will I be asked to spend the night? Who knows and who cares. It will be nice.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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