Last Entry of the Night

Night has fallen on Wisconsin about 3 hours ago now. I have bathed and got my pajamas on. Earlier, about twenty minutes to a half an hour ago, a neighbor across the street had been shooting off fireworks. I will never go to bed when fireworks are shooting off. When I went to open the bedroom window to let fresh air in, the fireworks had just begun and Emilee was startled by the sound of the popping and banging. She sat on the bed and looked at the window and cowered a bit. I did too but did not allow Emilee to see it, lol. The fireworks have ended for the night, I hope!

This is my last entry of June 25, 2004. I will be back tomorrow after Sabbath.

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2 thoughts on “Last Entry of the Night”

  1. *~Kristi~*

    Glad that the situation was taken care of. I didnt mean to sound harsh or anything but I have been in a bad mood lately and things have been coming out of my mouth the wrong way.

    Sounds like Kelly’s friend is being childish and needs to grow up. Sounds like shes doing the whole highschool drama stuff. *Shrugs* Whatever, I cant stand people like that either way.

    Anyway I hate having my period, I’m glad I already had mine for this month. Have you heard of the new pill that you only have 4 periods a month, and its totally safe?

    Have a good weekend


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