An Evening Entry : Last Entry of the Day

This will be my last entry of the 27th of June.

It has been one of those days of sleep all day long again. The weather has been iffy. I thought I may have heard thunder a couple of times a little while ago, but I am not sure what I heard. My livingroom and bedroom windows are open and nothing is blocking the noise from outside. At night, when I am in bed, I have two fans running on high most of the night to block the noises from the outside world so I can sleep. I live by a busy street. In fact, my street is off of a busy street and traffic is going by 24/7 here.

I really do not have a lot to say tonight. My day was reading, sleeping, and watching cartoons and movies. Even the movie channels had movies not worth watching. I am watching a movie on Disney right now called “Heavyweights”. I have seen the movie more than once and it is a good comedy but also heart-wretching because the kids are heavy weight kids and I understand about being overweight these days. I am overweight myself. shhh, don’t tell anyone, lol

I will come back tomorrow sometime. I have some errands to run and my friend Mark will be able to help me, I think…lol

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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3 Responses to An Evening Entry : Last Entry of the Day

  1. GoingUnder20 says:


    Unfortunatly no one can ever stop talking behind other peoples backs. No matter how much communication we have, and even if we tell them 99% of what that person is doing to bug us, we will always keep SOMETHING inside. Fortunatly, we can do all that we can and handle the situation nicely and give as much communication as we can get.

    Glad that the situation is over, but we will always have drama in our lives. Drama is what keeps our lives interesting. Its on tv, media, in everyones lives, everywhere.

    Kim Possible and The Proud Family are good shows. Disney has good shows, I like Thats So Raven too.

    Anyway get some sleep!


  2. wittykitty says:

    I have a lot of late nights myself.Usually when I am working, (I work at home) I lose track of the time.I sleep with my fan running as well. Something about the noise that just makes me sleep better.

    Take care,


  3. The slow humming of a fan lulls me to sleep too. I hope you have a beautiful week.

    Your secret’s safe with me….

    Love, Maggie

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