Thoughts on 6/29

“I do not know what just happened, but I remember working on my journal entry for the night, when I realized I did not finish it when I went to another website, losing everything I had written previously. With everything that I had written, I had forgotten.”

What did I forget?

I forgot everything, lol!

My Thoughts of the Day
Not much has happened today. Did some picking up and getting everything ready to take to the garbage and recycling bins in the morning. I had a good pajama day party with myself, a book, and my cat Emilee Cuddles. I have ended my period and now I feel kind of off physically. A headache thing going on right now. Took Tylenol a few minutes ago so my headache is still nagging away at me. YUCK! I also thought that I was going to die a while ago the headache was nagging that badly, lol! I hate PMS headaches with a great passion.

Saying Good Night
I am sorry this is so short tonight but I do not have much to say for the day My day was pretty normal and boring in reality. After July 1, my days will NOT be boring anymore. YEAH!

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