A Time for a Change Once Again

A Change Once Again

Starting July 1, 2004, Thursday, I am going to try something different regarding my journal writing. I have found myself on line a lot lately since school has been out for the summer, and writing in my journal has been a great number of entries from time to time. I have decided, for the month of July as a trial period, to write in my journal once a day with caps of my days in one entry. It is, once again, only a trial period for me. Anytime DD is unable to accessed, I will be writing in my thoughts using my computer’s word processor and updating when Dd is up and running again on line. I do not know what has brought on this temporary plan at this time. I just want to try something different for a while. I am in the mood for a change again.

Outlook of My Journal
I know I have not had the black and pink/peach roses for very long, but I am going to change the outlook of my diary once again with another summery look. With the time being after midnight, I will work on my new look tomorrow sometime. I have to go to the hospital to get my lab work for my kidney tomorroow and run my stuff to my DVR counselor, and go to the corner store for a couple of things, I will do the outlook sometime when I return home from running my errands.

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