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I am <i<very proud of all my friends. wanna know why? This mmay be lengthy so expect some good reading for this date. LOL Let me start with my friend Kelly Wilson. Kelly has been my friend for twenty years and the other day she made me cry a happy cry by saying she was not going to allow anyone to come between us and our twenty year friendship, and most of all she said nothing about our five year separation from each other because of mixed communication and feelings between the both of us directly. That made me cry such a happy cry. It was amazing. Also having no wants to get in the middle of any agruments between two or more friends that she is not a part of. She wants to get along with others and give everyone a chance,

I am also very happy with my friend Janessa because she is trying to work out her problems and issues that have confused her. she is has working so hard on bettering her life from its quirks and problems that is not easy to deal with. She is my “sweet sis” always even though she is not my sister by blood. she is my sister by love and adoption of the heart and mind. She shows kindness and compsssion.

Chad, another good friend of mine who is dating my friend Janessa. I can not say a whole lot on Chad because I am getting to know him well. We chat on messenger often and he knows about computers very well. I do not know if he has been working on our special Christian website lately, but in the past we have talked about it and gotten together a couple of times regarding it and communication has been passed via e-mails and quick chats. Anyway, Chad, is a fine friend who treats Janessa well. If there are any quirks in their relationship, who does not have quirks in a loving relationship these days? Everyone does. Chad is a special part of my little group of friends these days because everyone so far mentioned are special people in my life.

MJ is a good person. she is dealing with some real hard stuff in her life but she has major and loving support from her friends. MJ and I did have a rough spot here some days ago but we are both working on the rough spots and trying to get along. I saw her today and we got along just fine today. She knows that I do care about her and love her and want to be supportive in what she is dealing with. I do not want to be, like Kelly told me last night, want to fight anymore and get along with everyone in so many words. MJ is a pretty girl and she does have real great qualities that make her a pleasant person.

Last but not least, let me get to Jennifer Thompson. I have not seen her in a very long time due to the fact that the group, KW and her husband, JO and CN have not spoken to her for several weeks. As it turned out, things that do happen for good reason and on surprising ground among the world, JT had apologized to everyoone regarding her actions that separated all of my fine friends. Her doing this, genuine and pleasant, was one big step for her and it was well received by everyone in the group who showed up last night. No fighting was involved and everyone got along. JT apologized to everyone and hugged all of us. In fact, I was not at Kelly and Jimmy’s place when all of this occurred between four people, but I stand accused for following the crowd not being friends with her for a while because of the stories that happened during the separation of the group and Jennifer. I had received one large hug from JT because she was just flowing with happiness and excitement that she has not felt in such a long time around us. She was beaming, LOL Anyway, I am glad to give JT another chance and trying to make things better among all of my very close friends.

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