Cobtinued From 12/5/04

I did not sleep well last night. I was awakened from a deep sleep by the neighbor across the hall making noise around 2 a.m.. Honestly, I do not know why she has been making noise over and over again after 10 p.m. when she hsa been talked to about it over and over. She also has been denying the fact she does make noise and last night was proof that she does make noise and she has denied doing so. I do not understand this neighbor being the way she is except the fact that she is different and a little strange. But why lie? She is not doing anyone any favors and hurting herself. Anyway, I have tried to do what the manager has asked me to do in order to resolve an issue but this neighbor just goes around in circles about it all the time. I just know that I have tried to deal with this neighbor and I do not understand her and right now I have been dealing with a lot of emotions because of the holidays and all the traveling I have done in the past two months. I went to PA in November and now I will be going to NM for Christmas with my mom. I have been dealing with a lot of emotions and now I think most of them will be put at rest…hopefully.

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