Today I had one of those days. I had a heavy period flow which practically gagged me. I was awakened by my Emilee Cuddles throwing up after eating so fast and honestly, that gagged me, too, lol. I had ate supper around 5 p.m., and shortly afterwards, I gagged and threw up some liquid. Honestly, I am not sleeping well as well. I am surprised that a nap was not taken today!!! Emilee is doing a good job at cat napping thanI am all day long. Good for her.

<My Neighbor The neighbor will not quit! I just wish she would be quiet and leave her neighbors alone and stop her fibbing. She has been categorized a compulsive liar and I will have nothing to do with compulsive liars anymore. Whatever comes out of her mouth is not believed anymore. She has cried wolf one too many times for me. No friendship between us now. I honestly wonder if her former neighbors have had problems with her because now she is having troubles with her neighbors here. I am literally afraid of a 70 something lady?? Yes I am! She has portrayed herself a monster in these eyes of mine through reality and nightmarish dreams that have been occuring. I have been awakened a lot during the night with her excessive noise that I know is totally dumb on her part. This neighbor is no longer trustworthy anymore! I do not like her and it took a lot to show me what I do not like about her too!!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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