Giving A Few Minutes

Valentine’s Day seemed different this year. Very different actually. I watched very little television today because of all the lovey dovey stuff that was on. It got kind of too mushy for me today. Right now I have nothing on except my fan on for noise and my computer up and running. Even though Valentine’s seemed different to me, I did wish my friends a Happy Valentine’s Day because I do love my friends very much.

Tonight I watched 7th Heaven with a neighbor next door and it was a different show tonight. The actors and actresses sang. That was different – very dfiferent but good. It was a Valentine’s Day program and with Valentine’s Day falling on a Monday this year, it worked out great. The twins in the show had a birthday as well and Lucy and Kevin Kenkirk had their daughter Savannah for the special day.

It seemed that my education is so important to me.

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