I Thought I Would Get One In Before I Lost Another Day

On Thursday night I went to the emergency room because I couldn’t take the pain was getting while going to the bathroom. Learning that I had a small UTI, I was checked for the severity of it and treated. The treatment will be done tomorrow night by 10 p.m..

Other than that, school has been going super. I have been getting good grades and believe me, I just an working very hard at what I do best — even on my worst days. Had a couple of real bad days since class began but doing great otherwise.

I wish I could sit here for a longer time to write in my thoughts but right now I just don’t have a whole lot to say. Kind of quiet and lazy mainly but hopefully on the talkative side later on tonight. I plan to return tonight sometime. I have some thoughts that need to be written and brought in the open anyway.

Author: ksmiley

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