The Last Couple of Days

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It has been a couple of busy days the last couple of days. I was not home at all last night. I slept over at KW’s house last night to spend time with her and her husband JW before she left for the next four days to Minnesota with some students from school for a convention. I also spent time with other friends as well. KW, JJO, JT, and I went out to lunch after 12:30 p.m. yesterday and then KW went to Wal-Mart fora few minutes, then we came home so when JW got home from work, we were waiting for him. We had spent a lot of time with friends at GC last night and when JW, KW, and I finally went to sleep, it was a little after 10 p.m.. I remember waking up off and on to different sounds and JW snoring while he lay sleeping on the couch so soundly and remembering KW coming to check up on us and making sure we were both ok. I slept on the recliner chair, JW on the couch, and KW in the bedroom on the bed. I also remember the phone ringing after midnight or so but could not get up to answer it because I was so relaxed and unable to get out of the recliner, lol.

Today, getting home from KW and JW’s around 9 a.m., I was hoping to have a little time with my Emilee Cuddles, and did for a short time. I remember doing some things but was too tired to really do much. I remember taking and the phone ringing and not able to get to it because it was on my computer desk and I was napping on the futon. I even remember, before getting real tired and not wanting to do anything whatsoever, cleaning off the kitech table some for tomorrow’s planned goal, helping a neighbor make a phone call, and remembering MAY coming home from the hospital and knocking at my door to get my attention like she usually, always does. I just remember being so tired and out of it. Now, after a movie is over, I am taking a bath and washing my hair because I feel so dirty and so unclean because I have my lovely little red friend which has made me so moody and spacey this month and time around. What a world this has been the past couple of days! Not always the greatest I believe…

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